Businesses in the digital age require the support of a leading trademark law firm, such as Marashlian and Donahue (M&D), in order to fully understand how trademarks are vital intellectual property assets. As the calling card for your brand and products, trademark protection and management is crucial for global operations in the technology and telecommunications industries.

A Trademark Law Firm Supporting Companies of All Sizes, From Startups to Corporations

M&D has an established history of working with clients in the tech and communications space where corporate and product names, logos, and slogans are essential to effectively communicating product value, company reputation and brand loyalty. As a highly experienced trademark law firm, M&D can provide support to startups, which require the security of name rights for products and services. Trademark portfolio management in the digital age requires deep understanding of how to navigate the complexities surrounding trademark selection and registration. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) divides trademarks into 45 different classes, each representing a different group of sectors, products or services. This requires an understanding of classes specifically affecting companies operating in the technology and communications sectors. As your company and brand grows, trademarks must be protected across an increasingly diverse landscape involving numerous communication channels and technologies. This requires support for trademark protection across user generated content on social media, as well as brand and trademark counterfeiters and other internet infringements that can damage both your bottom line and your company’s reputation. As a trademark law firm, M&D delivers the services that address your critical needs, including the following specializations:

  • Development of brand guidelines to encourage proper trademark use by clients’ employees, vendors, partners and media outlets
  • Negotiate and document trademark licenses and assignments to maximize portfolio revenues
  • Implement cost savings programs designed to avoid adoption of marks that cannot be protected
  • Design staged registration programs to register our clients’ marks in various areas of the world depending on manufacturing, sales and economic realities
  • Prepare and file all registration, opposition, litigation and post-registration documents
  • Audit trademark registrations
  • Oppose and petition to cancel third-party applications and registrations which may be too similar to our clients’ trademarks
  • Handle trademark and domain name enforcement
  • Represent clients in resolution of international and domestic trademark disputes
  • Defend clients against unwarranted charges that their trademarks or trade names may be too similar to third-party trademarks or trademark registrations


M&D Supports the Intersection of Trademarks and Patents

In technology, telecommunications, and media sectors, patents are often tightly associated and intertwined with trademarks. This intellectual property intersection requires a patent trademark lawyer who understands how to navigate that legal and regulatory landscape.

Having a trademark lawyer in DC with a broad and deep expertise in trademarks and patents is key to keeping abreast of the constant changes that take place with trademark applications in the United States and internationally.

Each M&D trademark lawyer serves the burgeoning technology innovation landscape for clients based or operating in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. The firm’s proximity to USTPO and other federal and state regulatory bodies has gives them longstanding experience navigating the ins and outs of the legal aspects related to trademark establishment and the registration process. That enables them to better serve their clients in all aspects of the process, from policing a trademark to fighting counterfeiting and infringement claims.

The M&D team of attorneys is well suited to aggressively promote and develop their clients’ trademarks in the expanding digital marketplace. Schedule a consultation with M&D today to learn more about how their wide-ranging knowledge in patent and trademark portfolio protection for technology and communications sectors can benefit your company.