The term “eCommerce” encompasses a broad spectrum of online sellers and a wide variety of business types. This includes the buying and selling of products/services via electronic means,
electronic fund transfers, data collection systems, inventory management systems, electronic data interchange, mobile commerce, internet technology and more.

As a leading eCommerce law firm, M&D represents clients across the spectrum of operational and legal issues surrounding technology and e-commerce-related transactions. By working closely with each client, we can proactively address each specific need by gaining a deep understanding of their business. Our eCommerce law firm can help you secure your online 
business and avoid pitfalls associated with taxes, sales, intellectual property rights, government regulations, and more.

eCommerce Business Types

We provide all levels of regulatory and business representation to the following:

  • Media and communications companies
  • Internet-service providers
  • Intranet-service firms
  • Computer and telecommunications equipment manufacturers
  • Telecommunications technology and communications companies and providers
  • Software developers
  • Medical device and systems licensing

Regulatory Compliance and Security for eCommerce

eCommerce entities are subject to complying with a host of regulations on the state and federal
level. Additionally, different states and jurisdictions have different rules and regulations that
have varied ramifications for eCommerce operation. Regulatory compliance and security for
eCommerce requires staying ahead of changes on state and federal levels, which makes our
Washington, D.C. and Virginia presence advantageous for our clients. We can provide the

  • Data encryption and protection standards
  • Regulatory compliance counseling
  • Advocates on behalf of companies under FTC investigation;
  • Web presence and procedure analysis to ensure rules and regulatory compliance
  • Electronic transactions
  • Privacy and data security concerns
  • COPPA Compliance

IP Protection

Our eCommerce lawyers have deep experience in intellectual property (IP) law and business law to protect your assets across the internet while remaining compliant with relevant state or federal laws. That includes the following:

  • Online brand and IP protection counseling
  • Domain name lifecycle management and protection including cybersquatting and name
  • Trademark and copyright usage on the internet, websites, social media and in metatags
  • Domain name portfolio management
  • IP licensing, use and protection litigation

Agreements, Policies and Contracts

Internet and eCommerce law can encompass the creation and management of numerous agreements. M&D has extensive experience across sectors with the development of sound eCommerce agreements as well as disputes and contract litigation covering areas such as:

  • Outsourcing, Hosting, eCommerce website and site development
  • Advertising marketing and alliance agreements
  • Website policy drafting and use advisement
  • clickwrap agreements and electronic contracts for eCommerce sites
  • Website terms and conditions and privacy policy development
  • Software development, licensing and leasing
  • Multimedia technology production and transfers
  • Content and online service provider agreements

eCommerce Lifecycle Support and Services

eCommerce business aspects continue to evolve, so M&D provides support and services that meet those evolving needs:

  • Advice on eCommerce business purchases
  • Structuring business entities for online retailers
  • Review and resolution of counterfeit issues
  • DMCA compliance advisement
  • Compliance with the Federal Trade Commission Act (“FTC Act”)
  • Compliance reviews
M&D eCommerce lawyers will ensure you are fully prepared to meet all legal requirements for operating an online business in the United States.