As an experienced intellectual property law firm, M&D has a significant track record in successfully representing clients ranging from startups to global enterprises across diverse sectors. Our patent and trademark attorneys have extensive experience supporting companies in all technologies and industries where the need for patent litigation and trademark infringement actions can be common.

M&D has extensive experience and success in communications and technology where the legal and regulatory environment is both complex and constantly changing. By working closely with each client, our trademark attorneys develop comprehensive solutions to complicated intellectual property issues that companies face at all stages of growth.

The scope of our work in this area is deep and broad as we represent clients with respect to:

Developing Comprehensive IP Strategies

M&D leverages extensive legal and technical expertise to address the specific needs and objectives of each client. This forms the basis for development of comprehensive IP strategies to protect, manage and optimize IP assets as well as ease management of IP portfolios.

This integrated strategy for protecting intellectual assets and portfolios defines our intellectual property law firm. We’re able to help quickly resolve IP-related disputes before regulatory bodies, in courts and at the negotiating table.

Understanding Each IP Need

By working collaboratively with company management, engineers and developers, M&D patent and trademark attorneys identify the core concepts, needs and aspects of the intellectual property that make it unique in the marketplace. This often means having the technical understanding of inventions and technology on both a current and potential future use basis.

Early stage startup companies have a need to protect their new technology very quickly. M&D patent attorneys pursue expedited patent protection under a variety of fast track examinations options offered by the U.S. Patent Office. Since every client and situation is different, we carefully weigh the pros and cons of each approach with the client to determine their needs, risks, and future positioning.

Trademarks are fundamental to protection of intellectual property rights in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven global economy. By helping clients select strong trademarks, our trademark attorneys build a secure intellectual property foundation that is protectable as the market and the business changes. This starts with conducting clearance searches to determine whether proposed trademarks are available for use in the U.S. and abroad. This ensures that our work in preparing and filing U.S. and foreign trademark applications leaves no stone unturned in protecting your IP.

Protecting Your IP in the Marketplace

Throughout the life of a business, IP will take a variety of courses in the global marketplace.
That’s why M&D patent attorneys focus on both securing and protecting a client’s valuable rights in ways that make it safe to exploit those rights as new opportunities emerge.

Your success in establishing, procuring, managing and enforcing your intellectual property rights is the foundation on which your business will grow in the global marketplace. That’s why M&D‘s patent and trademark attorneys build a solid IP portfolio structure capable of adapting to the changing business, technical and regulatory landscape. The result is highly protected business assets capable of taking advantage of todays and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Intellectual Property Lawyers Serving the Capitol Region

Through our firm’s close connection to the nation’s capital, our attorneys are also well connected with the current regulatory and legislative issues affecting intellectual property management. Clients range from small entrepreneurial companies and partnerships to Fortune 1000 companies in diverse technology, services and media industries. Contact us today speak with an experienced intellectual property lawyer.