Today’s digital landscape poses both great opportunities and intricate challenges for manufacturers, service providers, content distributors and enterprise technology users. By leveraging our team’s experience in information technology law which spans a wide range of industries, M&D attorneys help businesses traverse the industry-specific needs of a fast-paced global marketplace.


  • Software licensing, UCITA, hosting
  • Copyright, trademark, trade secret, OEM agreements
  • Best practices, terms of use, distributor agreements, end-user licensing, development agreements, marketing agreements
  • Database and data protection, privacy rights, COPPA, CPNI, HIPAA, FERPA
  • Independent contractors, teaming agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employee NDAs, assignments
  • Asset sales, sale of government contract rights
  • Contract disputes, infringement actions, arbitration

Data Security

The evolution of technologies and communication paths will continue to spur innovation through the movement of data beyond a company’s borders. This not only poses unique challenges for cyber security firms but also the businesses they serve that must meet regulatory compliance for data security. Consequently, having the support of an experienced data protection lawyer is crucial for developing the legal framework for data privacy, digital security and encryption infrastructures.

Meeting a Diversity of IT Law Needs

From software development to internet, e-commerce, telecommunications, data transport, broadband and much more, M&D provides legal assistance to support all your company’s information technology needs.

Today’s hardware and software developers, as well as ecommerce businesses, will need the support of a consumer protection attorney to provide the necessary advice on the commercialization of their technology products and services. This support extends to Internet transport and content providers, Web 2.0 device manufacturers, technology start-ups and more.

To support this diversity of needs, M&D has developed a multidisciplinary team with deep experience in legal disciplines such as intellectual property, which often intersects with privacy and data security law in the digital information age. This can include use policies in media, e-commerce, communications, and social media. Branding, trademark protection, confidentiality, and proprietary information all play a part in protecting a business’s data and technology assets.

Advising, Guiding, and Protecting Through IT Law Experience

Our constant aim is to have the capabilities and experience to advise our clients on a wide range of issues that intersect with information technology law, including risk management, corporate, commercial and communications law. This enables us to advise technology companies on complex transactions such as M&A, outsourcing, financing third party relationships technology transfer, development, distribution, and licensing agreements, and more.

By leveraging a deep understanding of the business realities of the technology industry every data protection lawyer at M&D can support the evolving needs of businesses operating across sectors. We bring an interdisciplinary approach to the financing, transactions, regulatory compliance and IP protections issues affecting clients in the IT/telecom space. In doing so, we help our clients build a solid foundation for security and growth in the digital age.