M&D is a full-service business law firm with substantial experience in the representation of small and medium-sized companies, and those companies involved in the development and sale of information technology services or products.

For many of our clients, M&D attorneys act as outside general counsel and provide legal advice in a number of areas, beginning with business and corporate law advice to advice to senior management, ownership, or entrepreneurs, on corporate matters.

Our general business lawyers are experts in all facets of business as well as how it intersects with B2B and B2C technology products and services. That enables us to anticipate potential legal issues within business structures and legal business proceedings to ensure our clients avoid costly missteps. This approach has been successfully leveraged across the business spectrum ranging from sole proprietorships and partnerships to Corporations, LLCs and not for profits among others.

Areas of representation depend on client needs but can be focused or comprehensive. For some clients, M&D is a resource to provide advice on numerous matters in corporate structure, transactions and business opportunities, and contracting.

General Business Law Counsel Focus

  • Start-up corporate formation and structure
  • Best practices and basic contract matters
  • Negotiation, Litigation, and Arbitration

In the event of disputes, M&D provides advice and counsel to find resolution. When your business dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, M&D provides a full-range of services to provide aggressive representation in litigation and arbitration.

Having the support of an M&D corporate litigation attorney means having a highly skilled support and research team with the experience both in and outside of the courtroom to build a persuasive case based on precedence, evidence, and a detailed understanding of ongoing changes to corporate law.

The same level of team support is brought to bear in working with startups, our track record in understanding the nuances and structure of the legal business needs of these entities across IT and other business sectors. This enables us to determine the right legal approach based on unique needs for the business and the sector or industry.

The M&D team of general business lawyers brings unparalleled understanding and deep real-world contractual experience in business legalities involving everything from taxation and governance to personnel. This includes contracts for employment and specialized addendums such as non-competitive and confidentiality agreements, Disability Act provisions, medical leave, and bonus/compensation structure.

While the M&D team has an impressive collective knowledge and experience as general business lawyers, each corporate litigation attorney has areas of specialization such as handling simple to complex restructuring plans, M&A or the buying and selling of assets. This includes intellectual property and the protection of those assets that are foundational to the success of most businesses across various industries and sectors.

By working with our clients through each stage of the business lifecycle, we can deliver creative, practical legal advice to clients across a wide range of industries within and outside of the IT sector.

M&D business law experts treat each client and their legal issues uniquely to devise a personalized strategy that meets their needs. It is of the utmost importance that every client is assured that those needs will be met expediently as well as affordably to ensure their business’ continued growth and prosperity.