Copyright and intellectual property rights are central to business growth in the digital landscape where proper management determines the future of a business. Needs in this area can span everything from managing copyrights and online content publication and distribution to software development and licensing. All of these and more require the support of an experienced copyright infringement attorney.

M&D understands the intricacies of how to best help clients develop, register, protect, and enforce proprietary rights in artistic and technical works such as film and music compositions, literary publications, and computer software and databases. In the digital age, widespread sharing of material under copyright is foundational to business growth. That sharing can also pose the greatest threat via potential copyright infringement.

Software developers rely on intellectual property (IP) rights made up of a combination of patents, copyrights and trade secrets to protect their software. In this scenario the patent protects algorithms, functions, and/or systems while trade secrets protect proprietary development knowledge. The third leg of IP protection includes copyrights which are in place to protect the expressions of an idea.

It takes a highly experienced copyright and intellectual property rights law firm to understand each of these areas of IP protection, how they work together and how constant legislative and technological changes affect them. Each M&D copyright infringement attorney brings specific knowledge across IP and information technology law to a team environment. This ensures that client counterfeiting, digital piracy and other forms of copyright infringement are guarded against for each client‘s needs in an evolving digital landscape.

Many businesses provide services or technology solutions as part of the telecommunication and media sectors while an equal number operate tangentially as a third-party service or technology providers to the industry. Both types of businesses must have copyright protection strategies that cover any or all of the following scenarios:

  • Physical piracy
  • Hardware-based unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized re-broadcasting
  • Access infringement across multiple channels.

In the digital age, social media has become a crucial area that requires constant policing of copyright protections. This is due to ever-expanding user generated content that may intentionally or unintentionally infringe on a company’s copyrights.

Illegal copying and distribution of copyright materials has a hugely disruptive effect on a wide range of industries. Because clients and their IP often cross a number of these areas, copyright and intellectual property rights protection can be highly complex. The stakes are extremely high for everyone, both for startups and corporations attempting to protect their copyrights.

Somewhat grey areas, such as “fair use”, are not always clearly defined legally and therefore require an extensive understanding of precedent across sectors to provide client defense against infringement. Not every copyright infringement attorney has the deep understanding of these and other areas of copyright portfolio protection strategies to keep client IP safe.

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