We are a boutique corporate law firm that focuses our practice on businesses of all sizes, with particular experience serving the needs of startups and entrepreneurial companies operating in the vast and diverse Digital Economy. Each corporate law attorney at Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC’s (“M&D”) brings a deep skill set and experience to the firm in areas vital to businesses operating in today’s climate. By working collaboratively on behalf of each of our clients, we provide cradle-to-grave legal services to companies operating throughout the internet ecosystem and beyond including the following vital areas:

  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Software as a Service (“SaaS”) industries, and others

As a one-time startup and now a small business ourselves, we are proud to represent the businesses and ideas that are fueling tomorrow’s growth. Every M&D corporate law attorney has deep experience representing businesses throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC that are operating at all stages of growth.

Our fundamental philosophy is that when you grow, we grow with you! We endeavor to provide counsel as your attorney and your partner to help your business succeed, overcome obstacles, and avoid the pitfalls that stand in your way. Whether it’s counseling a new venture, orchestrating a deal, handling a business claim, or tackling your day-to-day legal needs, we pride ourselves in accomplishing your goals in a practical and pragmatic manner. And we proactively consider the “costs vs. benefits,” likelihood of success, and value for your legal spend before undertaking work on your behalf.

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What does $250 buy in this day and age?

For $250 an hour, it buys you everything you need to get your 21st Century business off the ground, operational, and with experienced business lawyers by your side, every step of the way!


Source: “Hire the Right Attorneys for your Start-Up Business” by Forbes

Our Firm

For over twenty years, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC (“M&D”), has delivered top-tier legal counsel to private and publicly-traded businesses of all sizes, their founders, investors, partners, and management. M&D’s team of experienced business attorneys have helped clients operating in and around the burgeoning Digital Economy navigate their most serious legal challenges while also tending to their routine needs.

Serving clients in the Capital Region (Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland) and beyond, M&D is uniquely qualified to represent businesses in the Communications, Information Technology, Data and Internet ecosystem.

Practice Areas

business law

M&D is a full-service business law firm with substantial experience in the representation of small and medium-sized companies. As a boutique law firm, we also specialize in serving those companies involved in the development and sale of information technology services or products.


Each M&D law attorney has the expertise and experience needed to provide legal assistance to support all your company’s information technology needs. We leverage our experience for our clients in matters of computer software (hosted and downloadable/premise-based), Internet, e-commerce, data transport, broadband and computer software related technologies.


In today’s age of digital transformation where data is the currency of corporate commerce, the M&D corporate law team helps clients across industries and sectors to keep that data secure. Our information privacy, data security and consumer protection practice encompasses cloud computing, breach notification requirements, and privacy policies for companies that handle, collect and use personal data.


M&D fully understands the intricacies of protecting and applying intellectual property for businesses and corporations starting with its inception and throughout its legal lifecycle. We have significant experience representing companies and individuals involved in the development, production, procurement, advancement and exploitation of technology, information, brands and artistic creations. Every M&D corporate law attorney works collectively as a legal team to help ensure that your IP is protected wherever it may be applied throughout the world.


As a boutique corporate law firm, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC’s tax attorneys have an expansive and successful history working with clients in the ecommerce space. That enables us to provide clients with experienced counsel on a wide-variety of federal, state and local taxes, including sales, use, excise and transaction taxes applicable to E-Commerce vendors and online sellers of goods, etc.

If you’re seeking qualified and experienced business lawyers in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC, please contact us today.

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